• CMP small 2016The Certified Mortgage Professional (CMP) is a designation accredited by the MBBA-NH. This prestigious designation is bestowed upon career-minded mortgage professionals who have experience, knowledge, and a code of conduct that sets them apart from others. 

  • • Abides by a Strong Code of Ethics.
    • Service Oriented.
    • Relationship minded. 
    • Experienced. 
    • Educated. 

  • The CMP program is based upon a point system. The points are determined by your individual:
    • Work experience
    • Education
    • Professional designations
    • Industry education
    • MBBA-NH participation
    • Membership organizations
    • Other supplemental activities.

    The designation is awarded to those professionals who accumulate a minimum number of points in each section (A, B, C) of the CMP application and pass the CMP exam.

    • Download an application here or request a CMP application from the MBBA-NH office. Review the point system to determine how many points you have earned.
    • When you have accumulated the minimum number of points each section: Submit your completed application, letter of recommendation and fee to the MBBA-NH office. Once your application is approved, you will be notified.
    • If you have not accumulated the minimum number of points in each section, please take the time to determine your strategy of how you will increase your points. 
  • MBBA-NH members with:

    • 5 years’ experience in residential real estate finance industry
    • 3 years’ experience, plus a professional designation
    • Achieve minimum number of points in each section (A, B, C)
    • Attain a passing score of 75% or better on CMP exam
    • Be an employee of a Member company in good standing with MBBA-NH for at least the past two years
    • Provide a letter of recommendation from supervisor
    • If required for candidates job position, be in good in good standing with NMLS
    • Meet all Federal and State rules and regulations at time of application.
    • Must pledge to observe and maintain MBBA-NH CANONS OF ETHICS AND STANDARDS OF PRACTICE in dealing with the public and with other members.
  • Non-Refundable Application fee $399.00 (check made payable to MBBA-NH or call for credit card payment). 

    • The CMP Application fee entitles the CMP applicant to a complementary seat in the Principals of Mortgage Banking I (POMB I) Course.
    • CMP application fee must to paid if someone uses Preferred Corporate Partner complimentary admission to POMB I and then applies for CMP.
    • If someone elects to apply for CMP after taking the (POMB I) Course, they are allowed to transfer the paid cost of the (POMB I) to the fee for CMP. This transfer is only allowed in the year they apply for CMP. 
  • • You will be recognized for your professional achievements at a special award ceremony at the MBBA-NH annual dinner in May.
    • In addition, you will receive a Certified Mortgage Professional plaque and lapel pin.
    • The letters “CMP” may be used after your name on your business card, identifying your designation.

    • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
    • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
    • Certified Mortgage Consultant (CMC)
    • Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP)
    • Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM)
    • Certified Residential Mortgage Specialist (CRMS)
    • Certified Residential Underwriter (CRU)
    • Other:
  •  Approved list: 

    Principles of Mortgage of Banking I & II = 2 points per module; Tri-State Mortgage Conference = 2 points per year; MBBA-NH Compliance Conference = 2 points per year.  NEMBC Conference = 2 points per year; Conference Vendor/Exhibitor = 3 points per year; Approved MBBA-NH class = 2 points; non-approved MBBA-NH class (submit description for approval) = 1 point; Passing 20 Hour SAFE Pre-licensing Course = 10 points
    Non-Approved Class exemption 
    1 point per class for any completed course/class not on the MBBA-NH Approved Industry Education List but approved by CMP Selection Committee (Applicant must supply syllabus for course/class, and completion certificate). Accredited courses related to residential mortgage lending and compliance.

  • Participation
    MBBA-NH Officer = 4 points; Board of Governor/Member at Large = 3 points; Committee Chair = 2 points; Committee Member (Education, Legislative, Public Relations, Membership, Social Media/Outreach Committee = 1 point per year.  Attending Annual Dinner, Mini Events, or Social Functions = 1 point per event.

    Speaking at an MBBA-NH sponsored function/conference = 3 points; Course Instructor MBBA-NH  Principles of Mortgage Banking I & II = 3 points per module;  Instructor MBBA-NH’s Realtor Continuing Education class = 1 point per class. Speaking at Nonprofit home buyer or educational seminars = 1 point; Developer of MBBA-NH Approved Course = 5 points per course.

  • Community Volunteer = 2 points per year (maximum)

    Participate in Housing Related Community Event—1 credit/event per year (effective June 2018)   

    Professional Membership (Must provide proof of current membership) in Industry Related Organization =
    5 points per year (maximum)

    New Hampshire Association of Realtors 
    National Mortgage Bankers Association 
    New Hampshire Bankers Association 
    New Hampshire Title Association 
    Home Builders & Remodelers Association of New Hampshire Appraisal Institute – New Hampshire Chapter 
    New Hampshire Bar Association
    Nonprofit housing related member

  • The examination is designed to cover topics from each of the Principles of Mortgage Banking I Series and some additional specific concepts  any CMP should know and understand.  The exam is comprised of about 100 questions, given 90 minutes to complete, 75% passing grade. Once per year a re-test will be offered at full application fee.  

    • DTI Ratio Calculations
    • LTV/CLTV Calculations
    • “Simple Interest” Calculations
    • Calculation of the “Aggregate Adjustment”
    • Qualification questions
    • Credit Report Trade Line Analysis
    • Appraisal Analysis
    • Flood Determination
    • Purchase and Sale Agreement
    • Closing Disclosure

    We don’t intend for the questions to be “trick” questions, as they are being designed to be “general, guideline independent, and non-trivia” but not tricky…  If you attend the Principles of Mortgage Banking I class series and know (and can apply) the basics of lending you can pass this test. We intend to test knowledge and grasp of lending principles.

  • Contact Steve Bauer at the MBBA-NH office to register for an exam date, 603-225-6111 or info@mbba-nh.org. Each year we try to be flexible with scheduling location, time and dates based on the group of  applicants.  

    Your CMP application and fee must be approved prior to scheduling exam. 

  • CMP Renewal Requirements and Fee

    • $75.00 per year (starting May 2019)
    • Participation with the MBBA-NH as required by the renewal committee for last one year period. Completion certificates showing 3 Approved Participation Points since last renewal
    • CMP Renewal Form
    • Participation Point List

    Pay by check: MBBA-NH |P.O. Box 2815 | Concord NH 03302-2815 email Steve for more information.

    No dues owed for May 2018 renewal -Starting May 2019

    CMP Renewal Fee

  • CMP Editable Brochure (marketing)

    CMP Renewal Form

    CMP Participation Points Program rev 2018-19

     For a CMP to maintain an “active” status within the Association, they must complete activities which have CMP Continuing Participation credits between May 1, and April 30,.   To complete this obligation, the CMP shall participate in activities and/or attend sanctioned events that offer Continuing Participation points during the period.  The CMP maintains completion certificates for each activity or event and upon their renewal provides the certificates as evidence of completion of their Continuing Participation obligation.

Become a CMP

Download the Application to become a NH Certified Mortgage Professional.

Find a Certified Mortgage Professional

  • Shelly_saraShelly Akatyszewski, CMP
    Mortgage Loan Originator
    NMLS #23321
    NorthPoint Mortgage
    25 Constitution Drive, Suite 101
    Bedford, NH  03301
    (603) 664-4401

    Steven Bauer, CMP
    Executive Director
    Mortgage Bankers and Brokers Assoc. of NH
    P.O. Box 2815
    Concord, NH 03302-2815
    (603) 225-6111

    Denise Beaurivage, CMP
    Sr. Lending Analyst
    NMLS #170550
    New Hampshire Housing
    P.O. Box 5087
    Manchester, NH  03108
    (603) 472-8623

    Susan M. Berntsen, CMP
    Mortgage Underwriter
    Merrimack County Savings 
    503 South Street
    Bow, NH  03301
    (603) 225-2793

    Andy CadoretteAndrew Cadorette, CMP
    Education and Marketing 
    NMLS #307085
    New Hampshire Housing
    P.O. Box 5087
    Manchester, NH 03108
    (603) 310-9287

    Carol Callihan, CMP
    Real Estate Loan Specialist
    NMLS #644374
    Service Credit Union
    337 Amherst Street 
    Nashua, NH 03063 
    (800) 619-6575 x2048

    mark chalifour CMP  Mark Chalifour, CMP
      VP Retail Lending
      NH Mutual Bancorp
      89 North main Street
      Concord, NH  03301
      (603)  545-6701

    Lynn Christensen, CMP
    Mortgage Loan Officer
    NMLS# 39940
    People’s United Bank
    125 DW Highway
    Nashua, NH 03060
    (603) 424-0084

    Matthew G. Clark, CMP
    Real Estate Loan Underwriter
    Service Credit Union
    NMLS# 644379
    90 South Main Street
    Rochester, NH 03867
    (800)  619-6575 x3569

    Gary Coffin, CMP
    VP Title Operations
    Red Door Title 
    1 NH Ave, Suite 320
    Portsmouth, NH 03801
    (603) 496-1329

      Ralph Coppola, CMP

     Loan Consultant
     NMLS #49802
    299 Coluit Road
    Sandwich, MA 02563

    Julie Lynn Cosgrove, CMP
     Mortgage Loan Officer
     NMLSR  910400
     Northway Bank
     750 Lafayette Road
    Portsmouth, NH 03801

    marthacossy2011 CMP  Martha Cossey, CMP
      VP Marketing 
      Summit Title Services
      120 Bedford Center Road
      Bedford, NH 03110
     (603) 540-1427

  • Duchesne, Karin[1]

    Karin J. Duchesne, CMP
    Mortgage Loan Originator
    NMLS #158074
    Bank of New Hampshire
    62 Pleasant Street
    Laconia, NH 03246

    renee_duval CMP  Renee Duval, CMP
      NMLS #97967
      HarborOne Mortgage
      109 North State Street
      Concord, NH  03301
      (603) 225-5626

     Greg Fischer, CMP
    Sr. Loan Officer
    NMLS 26086
    Pinnacle Mortgage Corp
    835 Hanover Street, Unit 301
    Manchester, NH 03104
    (603) 365-0901    

    Danielle French, CMP
    Senior Loan Officer
    NMLS # 21699
    Blue Water Mortgage Corp.
    7 Merrill Ind. Drive
    Hampton, NH 03842

    Jeanie Gagnon PhotoJeanie Gagnon, CMP
    MLS #158725
    Community Mortgage Prof.
    22 Cherokee Ave.
    Nashua, NH 03062

    2012-03-28-SandiepicSandra Gausch, CMP
    Vice President and Compliance Officer
    Residential Mortgage Services
    24 Christopher Toppi Dr
    South Portland, ME 04106
    Phone: (207) 775-6105

    Larry_George-smallLawrence R. George, CMP
    Real Estate Loan Specialist
    NMLS # 162531
    Service Credit Union
    14 Colby Court
    Bedford, NH  03110
    603-629-9898 x 7609

    gordon greco cropGordon Greco, CMP
    Branch Manager
    MNLS #163021
    HarborOne Mortgage
    170 South River Road
    Bedford, NH 03110
    (603) 666-7300

    Massimo F. Hagen, CMP
    Loan Officer
    NMLS #11191
    HarborOne Mortgage
    157 Main Dunstable Road
    Nashua, NH 03060
    (603) 479-5449

    Christine Hager, CMP
    Regency Mortgage 
    26 Londonderry Turnpike
    Hooksett, NH 03106
    (603) 669-5626

    Rich Haney HeadshotRichard Haney, CMP
    Assistant Vice President
    NMLS # 560759
    St. Mary’s Bank
    Manchester, NH 03101
    (603) 490-9362

    Rick Herrick, CMP
    Loan Originator
    NMLS #48452
    47 Constitution Drive
    Bedford, NH  03110
    (603) 801-1122

    carol jordan

    Carol Jordan, CMP
    Loan Officer
    NMLS #94985
    HarborOne Mortgage
    109 North State Street
    Concord, NH  03301
    (603) 225-5626

    JORDAN, J - COLORJane F. Jordan, CMP
    Senior Loan Officer
    NMLS #40681
    Mortgage Network
    2 Bedford Farms
    Bedford, NH 03110
    (603) 546-6607

    quentin keefeQuentin W. Keefe, CMP
    President, NMLS #8158
    Regency Mortgage
    26 Londonderry Turnpike
    Hooksett, NH 03106

    Nate Keener, CMP
    Production Manager
    NMLS # 404552
    47 Constitution Drive
    Bedford, NH  03110
    (603) -361-6415

    Christine Keller, CFP, CMP
    Senior Loan Officer
    NMLS 899847
    Embrace Home Loans
    3 Executive Park Drive, Ste 101
    Bedford, NH 03110
    (603) 801-5341

  • Gina M. McCulloch, CMP, CMPS
    Area Sales Manager
    NMLS #12596
    HarborOne Mortgage
    1045 Elm Street, Suite 601
    Manchester, NH 03101
    (603) 606-3220 

    Paul McLaughlin, CMP
    NMLS # 523412
    Homeownership Manager
    NeighborWorks Southern NH
    801 Elm Street, 2nd Floor
    Manchester, NH 03101
    (603) 626-4663 

     Ben NilesBen Niles, CMB MASTER,  CMP
    Mortgage Banking Professional
    Housing Finance Advocate
    (603)- 305-0590

    Pam Ordway, CMP
    VP of Operations
    St. Mary’s Bank 
    200 McGregor Street
     Manchester, NH  03102
    (603) 629-1517

    karl_reitz-Karl P. Reitz, CMP
    Owner and Broker
    NMLS #108221
    Apple Mortgage LLC
    109 Court Street, Suite 2
    Laconia, NH  03246
    (603) 527-1188

    kurt_strandsonKurt W. Strandson, CMP
    MNLS #22202
    Pinnacle Mortgage Corp
    835 Hanover Street, Unit 301
    Manchester, NH 03104

    Jim Swartzbaugh, CMP
    Branch Manager
    Stearns Lending
    170 Commerce Way Ste 200
    Portsmouth, NH 03801
     (207) 450-0666

    Steven Thayer, CMP
    Branch Manager
    NMLS#: 215783
    Paramount Residential Mortgage
    264 South River Road, Suite 432
    Bedford, NH 03110 

    Matt Thomas Medium FileMatthew Thomas, CMP
    Mortgage Specialist
    NMLS #523419
    Merrimack County Savings 
    89 North Main Street
    Concord, NH  03301
    (603) 225-2793

    Brenda S. Wade, CMP
    Senior Lending Analyst 
    New Hampshire Housing
    32 Constitution Drive
    Bedford, NH  03110
    (603) 310-9322

    Greg WehrleGreg Wehrle, CMP
    Sales Manager
    NMLS #98383
    HarborOne Mortgage
    170 South River Road
    Bedford, NH 03110
    (603) 666-7300

    jon wentworthJon Wentworth, CMP   
    Branch Manager
    NMLS #163111
    HarborOne Mortgage
    151 Amherst Street, 2nd Floor
    Nashua, NH 03064

    Evelyn Whelton, CMP
    SVP, Retail Lending Market Manager
    NMLS #409088
    Bank of New Hampshire
    23 Main Street
    Conway NH 03818
    P: 603.527.6611 

    White_Gladys smallGladys A. White, CMP
    Sr. Loan Originator
    NMLS #155592
    Residential Mortgage Services, Inc. 
    NMLS# 1760
    318 South River Road
    Bedford, NH 03110
    (603) 653-7853

NH Certified Mortgage Professionals

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