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Principles of Mortgage Banking I

Week  10 TRID and Final Exam
You should have received an email from me on Tuesday with the Loan Estimate, Closing Disclosure, TRID Toolkit, Anti Discrimination sheet and class evaluation.  If you did not- please contact me, Steve 
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FYI: Out of office Nov 7/8


Principles of Mortgage Banking II
January 9 to Feb 13, 2018
Purpose: To build on the technical skills gained through Principles of Mortgage Banking I. This course is designed to help the industry professional increase their knowledge at a comprehensive level in targeted areas of the home loan process in an effort to provide a broader industry understanding that support personalized services to clients and company goals.

Who Should Attend:
Recommended for employees with at least 2 years on industry experience and for those looking to strengthen their knowledge and understanding of the more complicated concepts impacting the industry. Recommended for underwriters, advanced processors, loan officers and process managers.

  • A ten-week course, held one morning a week, featuring discussions and lectures by experienced professionals in the residential mortgage banking field. Principles of Mortgage Banking is a certificate program, graded pass/fail.  Your grade consists of prompt attendance, class participation, and a final exam.  Completion is a suggested for CMP application. 

  • To introduce students to the variety of topics and activities associated with mortgage banking in order to expand their understanding of the complexity of the industry.  Secondary market guidelines are taught throughout the course as well as technical training in areas critical to a successful lending program in today’s home loan environment. Topics covered include:

    • History of the Mortgage Finance Industry
    • Completing the Application,
    • Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure
    • Credit Reporting Scoring
    • Understanding a Purchase and Sales Agreement
    • Choosing the Appropriate Mortgage Product and Pricing
    • Processing and Underwriting Mortgage Loans Part I and II
    • Understanding Flood Hazard Determinations and Insurance
    • Appraising the Collateral
    • Closing the Real Estate Loan
    • Post Closing and Quality Control
    • Compliance Overview: UDAAP, HMDA, AML, REG Z, HPML, etc.
  • Recommended for cross training employees or strengthening knowledge and understanding for all levels of experience in processing, loan origination and underwriting residential mortgage banking industry.

  • Principles of Mortgage Banking Full Course

    Register by check: payable to MBBA-NH, 6 Garvins Falls Road, Concord NH 03301

    Preferred Corporate Partner Benefits
    (E-mail the MBBA-NH office for registration)
    Per year complimentary registrations
    Platinum:  3  registrations per year
    Gold:  2  registrations per year
    Silver: 1  registration per year
    Bronze: 0 registration per year
    All registrations are transferable to another business partner. Please check RESPA guidlines.

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